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With in this new and exciting shopping centre (among the area of 85 000 m2) will be placed the following types of business which will give every family member a fun and exciting place to not only shop but to be entertained: a known supermarket, children goods shop, boutiques, a beauty salon with exotic kinds of massages, gym with a pool, a sports bar, and etc. The atrium area of 3 000 m2 will be ideally suited for food courts, to help satisfy the variety of taste that appeals to all who visit this centre or just a nice relaxing place for shoppers or employees to rest.

The entertaining zone of this complex will not leave indifferent to neither children, nor adults. The spacious stage is equipped with modern lights and sounds, which will help amplify the entertainment experience one feels here. Which will make this the ideal place for concerts, holiday events, or any other entertainment venue?

We offer cooperation:

  • Investment
  • Rent in Trading and Entertaining complex
  • Sale

First floor

План первого этажа

Second floor

План второго этажа

Third floor

План третьего этажа


План парковки



11 march 2008
Site opening
To find out more information on this new and innovative complex log on to mandarintk.ru we will be posting updated information on its concept, general floor plans, and the conditions for the holders. This site will provide you with all the updated information on the progress of this shopping centre “Mandarin”.
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