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“Mandarin” is a new Shopping centre which will be located in the area of Yakhtennaya Street, which is very close to the Western high-speed diameter – a turnpike road that connects northern and southern areas of St.-Petersburg.

The building and property will be owned by the company "Arsenal". However the perceptiveness, transport availability, and equipment of the construction area will be developed by engineering communications, which in return will give the project an additional investment appeal.

The concept of project

The unique concept of this Shopping centre will be developed by the company RMJM LONDON Limited.
The office tower and the building of the shopping centre itself will transform a common architectural ensemble, into an impressive unit filled with a harmony of novelty and classics in architectural decisions. With an effective illumination of stylish facades will intensify the aura of a new business reality in a whole new complex territory. Even the smallest detail will bring new and exciting emphasis to this complex, for instance the lights and stylish roof above the space between the main building entrances creates additional comfort for both the visitors and employees. The concept of a modern European centre of dreams for business and shoppers is completed with a swimming pool with a slide overlapping the pool.

Technological objects, for example parking and cargo-handling terminals are situated in isolated zones of the complex and do not reduce any architectural advantages of this complex. Thus, their location remains the most optimal for the businesses by using criteria of convenience in the service of the shopping centre and the economy of parking spaces.

The operating company

For qualitative and effective work of this shopping centre "Arsenal" creates its own operating company. They will only use the best experts in St.-Petersburg on its staff in all aspects of management and in its commercial real estate.



11 march 2008
Site opening
To find out more information on this new and innovative complex log on to mandarintk.ru we will be posting updated information on its concept, general floor plans, and the conditions for the holders. This site will provide you with all the updated information on the progress of this shopping centre “Mandarin”.
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Shopping centre "Mandarin".

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